OS Deployer is an all-in-one solution

OS Deployer is an all-in-one solution

OS Deployer software is a comprehensive solution for PC imaging and OS deployment. It allows you to deploy operating systems on servers, desktops, and laptops easily and quickly. This software supports Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android operating systems and enables you to create your system image and deploy it on different servers. In addition, it supports PXE and allows you to deploy the operating system over a network. OS Deployer enables you to deploy operating systems to different groups, manage them effortlessly, and generate comprehensive reports on OS deployment, updates, and hardware drivers. With just a few simple steps, administrators can create an image for multiple versions of the operating system, deploy the image according to the customer’s organizational needs, and install the operating system on different systems over the network.
OS Deployer brings the latest imaging and production to technology systems, saving time and energy for IT teams. Additionally, it helps organizations reduce support, training, and maintenance costs for standard operating system deployments across the network.


Sure enough, here is the English translation of OS Imaging & Deployment steps in OS Deployer software:

1- Creation:

Easily image your operating system using advanced online and offline methods.

2- Customize:

Customize your image according to the needs of your users at the enterprise level.

3- Deployment:

Install your desired operating system on it using OS Deployer’s image authentication password technology.

Key features of OS Deployer software:

Live picture machines:

OS Deployer software can capture images from your devices while active users are using them, without disrupting users.

Deployment to individual operating systems:

Protect old-fashioned OS installations by using authentication passwords.

Hardware independent deployment:

Regardless of your hardware model, automatically install the operating system you want with the right drivers.

Customize the deployment:

Customize your image based on your organizational needs. You can also control Post Deployment to determine when some of your computers will receive the image you want over the network.

Deployment of the system agent anywhere:

OS Deployer allows you to install your desired operating systems on different branches from one system.

Boot option:

Use the bare-metal boot method to easily install the operating system of your choice on all available devices that support ISO, USB, and PXE boot methods.

OS Deployer software is offered in three different versions:

OS Deployer software by ManageEngine is an advanced operating system deployment and management tool that is used to install, update, and manage operating systems in different networks. This software offers different features depending on the version used (standard, professional, or enterprise).

Standard Version Operating System Developer:

This version provides the features needed to manage base operating systems, and capabilities such as remote installation, operating system image backup, and system recovery.

Professional version of OS Deployer:

This version provides users with more advanced features including remote installation on more devices, virtualization management, and operating system support.

OS Deployer Enterprise Edition:

This edition is designed for network administrators in large networks with complex needs. Features such as operating system imaging and recovery support multi-processor environments and greater adoption of operating system management.

Each of these versions is designed for different network and environment needs and makes the right tools for operating system management in information technology systems.
In this regard, you can download the online demo of OS Deployer from its official website. In addition, Parsian Smart Technology has the ability to provide valid licenses, and design and implement OS Deployer software licenses. Contact us for advice.

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