Full review of the Splunk data analysis tool

Full review of the Splunk data analysis tool

Ready to dive into the world of data analysis?

Well, you’re in luck because we have an exciting topic to explore today – the Full review of the Splunk data analysis tool. Get ready to unlock the full potential of this amazing security tool!

Splunk License

Since maintaining critical and comprehensive information security has become one of the most important topics in the field of Information Technology in recent years, Splunk licenses are very useful for professional users and large companies. This tool allows users to easily analyze their data and collect information about the operation of their system with very high accuracy. Splunk license is one of the most important tools available in the field of data analysis. Using advanced algorithms, the tool analyzes and interprets large and complex data as quickly as possible.

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Familiarity with Splunk Software

If you’re one of the network and security experts, you’ve probably heard of Splunk, but what is Splunk, and how is it different from competing products?

Splunk started in 2003, and its first difference from other competitors is that the company focuses solely on the production of specialized products Big Data, and SIEM, which is not active in any other field. The company has more than 2,000 employees, all of whom operate in these areas only, and therefore Splunk has the largest share of the number of customers in this market.

Full review of the Splunk data analysis tool

About Splunk license or Splunk software

Since its inception, Splunk has bought and joined many small companies and startups, making Splunk more comprehensive and powerful day by day. The company’s main product is called Splunk Enterprise, and all other products of the company can be considered complementary to the Splunk Enterprise subset. This product is the smart and powerful core of Splunk for Big Data and SIEM, which can be made much more efficient and functional by installing and adding several hundred free and different plugins available.

What is Splunk Enterprise and what are its capabilities?

The software can be considered similar to the Google search engine for logfiles produced in a network of computers and electronic equipment, which has no dependence on the type and format of these logs and is enough to be text-based to be able to be imported into the company’s Splunk.

Types of Splunk reports:

  • Reports created by Splunk with security equipment such as IPS, Firewall, Anti-Virus
  • Reports created by Splunk by infrastructure equipment such as Switch, Router, Modem
  • Reports created by Splunk by internal software such as banking, automation, finance, warehousing
  • Reports created by Splunk by internal services such as AD, DNS, IIS, Apache, DHCP
  • Splunk reports created by various operating systems such as Windows, Linux, MacOS
  • Reports created by Splunk for smart and mobile devices such as phones and tablets
  • Reports created by Splunk with electronic equipment such as electric doors elevators sensors traffic control

About Splunk Enterprise

Splunk Enterprise combines and categorizes all the logs generated by the items mentioned, allowing us to find and fix the connection between different changes and events in different sectors.
In addition, Splunk Enterprise offers most of them for free by installing and using various plugins on Splunk Enterprise. It used Splunk Enterprise as a 360 monitoring software without the need to add SNMP or other items that other similar products require we’ll introduce some of the most widely used of these plugins:

  • Cisco Security Suite App on Splunk

A very useful and useful plugin for monitoring all Cisco security products such as ASA, IPS, Fire Power, FWSM, ISE, ACS, WSA, and ESA seamlessly and online.

  • Microsoft Windows App in Splunk

A plugin for monitoring the status and accuracy of all Microsoft operating systems.

  • Stream the App on Splunk

Highly useful Ephron for capture and instantaneous analysis of traffic passing through a link or port in question.

  • F5 Networks App on Splunk

A plugin for monitoring all F5 equipment and software.

  • Web Analytics App in Splunk

Full and functional plugin for monitoring website status.

  • Windows Security Operation Center App in Splunk

A plugin for investigating and analyzing security events in Microsoft networks and related services such as AD, NTLM, DNS, and DHCP.

In total, it can be said that about 1,000 different and free plugins similar to the ones mentioned are offered by Splunk, which includes almost all famous brands such as Juniper, Fortinet, Citrix, Redhat, and one.

Splunk also offers a limited number of non-free plugins that customers can use for a long or unlimited period by paying certain amounts according to their needs the list of plugins is as follows:

Running the Splunk service in the SIEM discussion

The main Splunk plugin that can be used to make Splunk Enterprise one of the most powerful SIEMs in the world. The plugin collects, analyzes, and reports logs created from all available security equipment and software from the outer edge of the network to the user system. The plugin enables security teams to quickly detect and take steps to detect all known and even unknown internal and external attacks. It should be noted that there are no restrictions on the brand and model of security equipment used, and this plugin is compatible with all security equipment.

Some of the features offered by the plugin are as follows:

  • Instant and periodic monitoring of network security status and security events based on preferred and customized preferences
  • Prioritizing events and defining reactions appropriate to each event
  • Defining different searches on existing logs to find unusual behaviors in the network
  • Define dynamic and up-to-date analyses to automatically find malicious activity on the network

Splunk used in network monitoring:

A new generation of network monitoring and analysis to receive accurate and accurate information about the performance and efficiency of the network. Some of the features of this plugin are as follows:

  • Provide central, integrated, and intelligent monitoring of all different components of the network
  • Synchronization of different services with different events through powerful KPI technology
  • Analysis of existing network and data behavior to find non-standard behaviors and find the cause of this behavior
  • The ability to accurately and partially examine the data in question to find the cause of various events
  • The role of Splunk in detecting viruses
  • With this plugin and with the help of a huge amount of useful information and reports, security teams will be able to easily detect and track internal threats and attacks.

Some of the features of this plugin are as follows:

  • Detecting viral infections and inland threats without the use of signature, Rule, Policy, and human Analyses
  • Improving the threat detection and response process with advanced and efficient sensors
  • Provide useful and practical reports in a summary or chain to increase the efficiency of the SOC sector
  • Integration with Enterprise Security and IT service Intelligent to achieve the best and most complete mode of operation

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